The Cheese Store of Silverlake was opened in 2003 by Chris Pollan.  Chris was a pioneer in the fine food market in Los Angeles and evolved into a Silverlake Legend.  He ran the store until his passing in early 2015.  His wife, Alane, has since taken the store under ownership while enlisting Resident Cheese Nerd, Maggie, to run the daily operations.  Together, these women have kept Chris’s vision and memory alive in the Silverlake area!

Our goal is to support local, small production, artisanal food artists along with offering a wide variety of options from both America and Europe.  We practice this by curating the best selection of cheese, wine, and other food products including top of the line olive oil, jam, vinegar, and chocolate.  We believe in slow food and small production.  As a team, we continually strive to educate and convey our passion to our customer base and neighbors while building a community around food.  

We offer a selection of around 300 cheeses that rotate based on availability, seasonality, and all around deliciousness.

 Cheese and wine/beer classes are offered on the last Sunday of the month (unless otherwise stated on our calendar).  The goal is to educate you about specific styles of cheese or regions from where cheeses are produced and how they can all be paired with different accoutrements and wines/beers.  Usually we will nerd out to 5-6 different cheeses and 3 beverages.   The whole class is meant to be an informal way for you to learn the information and have a better understanding of this world that we, here, have so much passion and love for!  

Come learn, nerd out, and enjoy with us at The Cheese Store of Silverlake!